Seesmic Will No Longer Support BlackBerry Devices

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Remember when we told you about the flood at Research In Motion, and thus BlackBerry? Well, here is more water! Seesmic, “a powerful suite of social media management and collaboration tools that provide businesses and individuals with everything they need to build their brands online”, has announced that they will discontinue their support for BlackBerry. Here exactly how it was stated:

Effective June 30th, Seesmic will discontinue support for Blackberry in order to focus development efforts on our most popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Additionally, Seesmic is encouraging their affected users to try out Seesmic on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Seesmic Desktop & Web. Talk about adding insult to injury. No reason was given for the split other than focusing on their most popular platforms. I guess now we’ll wait and see who’s next to walk out on the enterprise giant.


Source [Seesmic]

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