Madden 12: Madden Ultimate Team Gets Detailed, Trades, Legends And More

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We knew today was the day and we were not disappointed when EA Sports revealed the details for additions and improvements to the new but very popular Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). Personally, I have been hooked on Madden Ultimate Team ever since I first started to play it and have spent more money on it than I am willing to admit in public. So by far the biggest new addition to MUT is the introduction of trades, this was by far the #1 addition that fans had been wanting in the new mode. No more being forced to discard or auction great cards because you don’t have room for them. The only thing that we are disappointed about the trade feature is that its 1 for 1 trades but they say they are looking for multiple card trades next year.

Check out some quick facts about the new trade feature in Madden Ultimate Team:

• Any card type can be traded. Players, coaches, stadiums, playbooks, legendary cards, etc.

• 1-for-1 Trades – multiple card trades is something we are looking at for the future in Madden Ultimate Team, but in Madden NFL 12, we have 1-for-1 trades.

• Post to Trade Block fee – there will be a fee associated with posting trades (only in the event that the trade is successfully completed).

• You can trade with friends or make deals with complete strangers! Just like the Auction Block, you have the ability to search through trade offers from others or send a card to your own Trade Block.

• You have the ability to set the overall rating range of the player you want in return for the trade. This ensures that you will not get spammed with junk trade offers.

Next we have MUT Legends and the brand new Legendary Packs. The Legendary pack will contain a mix of the highest value cards plus a chance at getting a MUT Legend card. These aren’t just any legends folks, these are 13 of the baddest men to ever set foot on a football field. MUT Legends will be distributed into Legendary Packs with multiple versions per – Legend. That’s right you have the chance to get these legends at multiple points in their careers. Another cool thing with the MUT Legends is we they tried to be authentic and capture what the player’s wore in terms of player equipment as best they could for each card. For example, the rookie Jerry Rice did not wear gloves and wore a different facemask than the older Jerry Rice in Oakland. Check the 13 legends below:

1. Walter Payton – Rookie Season, Super Bowl XX

2. Barry Sanders – Rookie Season, 2000 Yard Season

3. Jerry Rice – 1985 Rookie Season, Jerry in Oakland

4. Gale Sayers – 1965 Rookie Season, 1966 Pro Bowl

5. Marcus Allen – 1985 NFL MVP, 1993 Comeback Player

6. Dan Marino – 1984 NFL MVP, 1986 Pro Bowl, 1994 Comeback Player

7. Lawrence Taylor – 1986 NFL MVP, Final Season

8. Deion Sanders – Deion in Dallas, his rookie season in Atlanta, Super Bowl XXIX with SF, Deion in Baltimore

9. Rod Woodson – 1987 Rookie Season

10. Marshall Faulk – with the Colts, Rams

11. Eric Dickerson – with the Rams, Colts

12. Eddie George – 1996 Rookie Season

13. Shaun Alexander – 2000 Rookie Season, 2005 NFL MVP

You know they had to plug the Hall Of Fame edition with an extra perk. With the Madden NFL 12: Hall of Fame Edition EA Sports is offering a special one-of-a-kind pack that features former Madden NFL cover athletes and Hall of Famers. When you open this pack, it will include 13 former cover stars and Hall of Famers in the one pack! The list of players available in the Hall of Fame Edition include:

1. Barry Sanders – Madden NFL 2000 co-cover athlete (with John Madden); Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2004

2. Eddie George – Madden NFL 2001

3. Marshall Faulk – Madden NFL 2003; Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2011

4. Michael Vick – Madden NFL 2004

5. Ray Lewis – Madden NFL 2005

6. Donovan McNabb – Madden NFL 06

7. Shaun Alexander – Madden NFL 07

8. Vince Young – Madden NFL 08

9. Troy Polamalu – Madden NFL 10 co-cover athlete

10. Larry Fitzgerald – Madden NFL 10 co-cover athlete

11. Drew Brees – Madden NFL 11 cover athlete

12. Rod Woodson – Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2009

13. Jerry Rice – Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2006

And last but not least, check out these new features:

• All new collections with brand new reward cards! In Madden Ultimate Team 12, we wanted to make sure we had more players in the team collections since we now have expanded 70+ man rosters in Madden NFL 12!!

• The reward cards are brand new for Madden Ultimate Team this year and these cards are NOT found in packs (only as rewards for finishing the collections).

• In Madden NFL 11, they had 100+ collections and Madden 12 will have even more.

• Brand new UI and interface in Madden Ultimate Team 12

If your wish didn’t get in this year or you want to ask any general Madden Ultimate Team questions or anything to do with the player rosters and ratings, hit Madden ratings czar Donny Moore up on Twitter!/Donny_Moore.

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