HTC EVO 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread Maintenance Update Rolling Out … Problems Fixed? Netflix, SMS, Etc.

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As excited as were to receive the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update on our HTC EVO 4G, we weren’t as excited to have all the problems. In particular, a problem with the Netflix application and several SMS bugs. That said, we are happy that the maintenance update intended to fix those problems, along with a few others is rolling out. So if you have received your update, let us know whether or not the problems are gone or still exist! Cheers

Here are the enhancement and fixes for Maintenance Release – 4.24.651.1:


  • SMS are intermittently sent to wrong and seemingly random contact
  • “Me” instead of “Yo” in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish
  • Unable to stream media thru some applications after updating to 3.70
  • Email attachments are not displayed in the mail client
  • Multiple Gmail accounts no longer sync after FroYo update
  • Fix for battery discharge issue
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Downloads management- The Downloads application gives the user easy access to any file downloaded from the browser, email, or another application.
  • Corrects voicemail notification issue (from 4.22.651.2)
  • Corrects issue with hearing aid compatibility menu disappearing (from 4.22.651.2)
  • Netflix compatibility (from 4.22.651.2)

Important Notes:

  • The new software version is: 4.24.651.1
  • This update should be applied to devices on 4.22.651.2 (Android 2.3 update) and 3.70.651.1 (Froyo)
  • Devices on 4.22.651.2 will receive the following message when this update is available  “A system upgrade for 2.3 (Gingerbread) is available that provides minor software enhancements.  Please download and install the following update. System Upgrade 4.24.651.1 (25 MB)”
  • Refer to the HTC EVO Maintenance Release blog for install instructions.  When manually trying to initiate the update, you may receive a message that no update is available.  Please be patient and check back later, or you may wait until the update is automatically sent to your device.


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