Both iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 Launches Are Near Definite, Multiple Analysts Report

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Today we’ve had multiple reports on the launch of Apple’s next iPhone. Though none of this has been confirmed by Apple, and it probably won’t be until they decide to spill the beans, two industry analysts have weighed in. The first analyst, Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. believes we will see the introduction of a new Apple iPhone between mid-summer and September. Additionally, he believes that there will be an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 5. He pegs the iPhone 4S as launching in the second half of 2011, and the iPhone 5 in the first half of 2012. For those waiting on that LTE flavor, he believes that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE technology.

Analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities also reported that all indicators point to a September launch for Apple’s next iPhone. This report,which was given to investors this Thursday in a note from White stated that [Ticonderoga] they are “picking up data points that suggest initial production at certain iPhone component suppliers will begin in July with volume production planned in August for the next-generation iPhone, supporting our view of a September launch.” Whether or not he was referring to the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 is unclear.

If true, the bigger question now should be whether or not you will purchase the iPhone 4S, or wait on the iPhone 5. Honestly, I think most are concerned with screen size, LTE, and/or NFC. What about you?


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