Deny Application Permissions With CyanogenMod 7

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Have you ever wanted an application on your device, but because the permissions being granted by downloading it were ludicrous, you decided against it? Sure you have! Perhaps, all of us at some point and time did that exact thing. Well, it’s time for that to come to an end. Fortunately, the guys over at CyanogenMod have done just that. Using CyanogenMod 7, you are now able to revoke permissions that were once allowed when you downloaded an application. Better yet, the steps to enabling this function are simple:

To use it:

  • CyanogenMod settings / Permissions / Enable management
  • Applications / Manage applications / tap on permissions to revoke

Revoked permission are marked by a strikethrough.

Revoking and reenabling permissions is applied instantly. Though, at least reenabling “Network communication” requires a reboot (revoking still works instantaneously).

To download for your specific device, visit the link below. Of special notice, Phandroid notes that you should “Be warned, though, that revoking certain permissions from certain applications may bring about undesired results. If you encounter errors after doing so, the developer definitely shouldn’t be obligated to help.” Cheers!


Download: Team Douche’s mirrors

Via [Phandroid]

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