Madden NFL 12 Finally Spills The Beans On Franchise Mode, Did Your Wish Get In?

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Today the guys over at EA Sports let the wraps off updates to this year’s franchise mode and its the biggest single addition to the mode in years. Now if you want to know all the nitty-gritty details, jump on over to the official blog and read Josh Looman’s post on this year’s improvements to franchise mode, trust us its worth the read. madden-nfl-12-apr-8

It is quite long though and we know you guys like shortcuts, which is why we suggest that you just watch the video below and let us know what you think. Josh goes all the way in talking about being able to trade future draft picks, dynamic player progression, expanded full 75 man rosters in the preseason and more.

  • Expanded Rosters and Cut Days
  • Progression Tuning
  • All-New Rookie Scouting System
  • All-New Team Re-Sign Logic
  • All-New Free Agent Bidding Feature
  • All-New Cut Dead Weight Logic
  • Player Roles
  • Weather Tuning
  • Franchise Mode Dynamic Player Performance
  • All-New Salary System
  • Ability to Change User Controlled Team
  • Re-Tuned Player Retirements
  • Trade Future Draft Picks
  • Re-Tuned Player Award Logic
  • Practice Mode
  • All-New Player Portraits for Draft Rookies
  • Realistic Injury Frequency
  • All-New Depth Chart Logic
  • Realistic Injured Reserve
  • Edit Players
  • Re-Tuned Simulation Stats
  • All-New Coaching Impact
  • Import Draft Class Tuning
  • All-New Interface
  • 30 All-New Draft Classes featuring
    Realistic Player Profiles
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