First Madden 12 Franchise Details Revealed, Dynamic Player Performance And Player Roles Explained

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So as always, those guys over at IGN got the scoop on some of the brand new stuff that we can expect in Madden 12 franchise mode. For the past several years, the mode has been pretty stagnant and EA had promised to do some major overhaul to the mode this year. From the looks of this early info, I am not quite sure they got there but there does seem to be significant improvements and who knows maybe next year for the major changes.

madden-12-player-rolesThe big things that look set to change the face of Madden franchise mode this year is the concept of Dynamic Player Performance and Player Roles. Dynamic Player Performance revolves around the concept that almost no player has a good week every week. It also seeks to bring home the idea that when a player is in a groove they tend to stay in one for a while and vice versa when they are in a slump. It also makes the performance of rookies much more realistic with a young rookie QB lighting it up for 400 yards and 5 TD’s one week and then turning around and getting sacked 6 times and throwing 5 interceptions. Thus is the life of an NFL rookie and it will be up to you to put your young guys in a position to be successful. If you push a young kid that is in a slump too hard he will only perform worse which will extend his length of bad play. The concept of varying performance won’t just be seen in rookies of course it affects every player, just some more than others. Will Adrian Peterson get into a slump and start to fumble too much, maybe. Will a team confuse Peyton Manning with exotic blitzes and rattle him, not likely. When it comes to Dynamic Player Performance, remember that consistency and confidence are very important, so put your guys in position to make positive plays and their performance should improve, push them to be a superstar before they are ready and who knows what could happen. This dynamic when combined with Player Roles will have a huge effect on how you build your teams, much more than ever before.

Player Roles is a concept that has been a long time coming to Madden. In the real NFL players have a role and that affects almost everything about them. Player Roles finally brings the idea of a player being a “team guy” or a “mentor” into focus and gives it some meaning. The great thing about player roles is that they aren’t just applied randomly to guys, their performance on the field will earn them and change them as time passes. During each offseason, every player is analyzed to see if they meet specific criteria for a role. If so, they enter the next season tagged as such. These roles can have a big influence in games. After all, clutch performers can do things they just couldn’t ever hope to do the first 55 minutes of a game. There are over 20 roles in Madden 12 and not all of them are positive, but none of them have to be permanent either. This is where your GM skills will be a huge thing because other CPU controlled GM’s will take roles into account when making trades and deciding who to let hit the free agent list. If you look at a guy with one of the bad roles like “Underachiever” but you know that in your system he could thrive then you might want to make a play for him and you just might end up getting a steal. As you can see from the graphic above, a player CAN have more than one role at a time.

A Few Of The Player Roles In Madden NFL  12:

  • Team Mentor
  • Team Leader
  • Injury Prone
  • Run Stopper
  • Franchise Quarterback
  • Defensive Playmaker
  • Offensive Playmaker
  • Playoff Performer
  • Shutdown Corner
  • Pass Rusher
  • Trench Warrior
  • Fumble Prone
  • Underachiever
  • Project Player
  • 1st Round Pick
  • Future Star
  • Iron Man
  • QB of the Future
  • Feature Back

That’s it for now, check the full post over at IGN and stay tuned for more franchise info that is scheduled to be revealed tomorrow.

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