More Madden 12 Franchise Details, Free Agent Bidding Wars, Roster Cuts, A Preseason That Actually Matters And More

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IGN has just revealed more details about the improvements to this year’s franchise mode and we have to say we are starting to be more and more impressed. There are things that we have wanted in the game for a long time. In this year’s game, the preseason finally matters as you will start with a 75 man roster and have to make the hard decisions on who to cut each week as their play reveals more of their ratings. So the good part is that you have more players to evaluate, the hard part is making the right calls. When it comes to the draft it has been made more robust and apparently teams will draft based on their real tendencies and needs than ever before. The CPU controlled teams will make better decisions, they will make trades and sign free agents based on team need and not necessarily the highest rated players available. The free agent period has been revamped, now you will get into intense free agent bidding wars with other GM’s for your targeted players, think fast or lose your guy. They have also optimized the mode so that it doesn’t have to take so long anymore, the whole mode will now be able to be completed in minutes. Check the list for the other improvements.madden-nfl-12-apr-16

Dynamic Player Performance: Player ratings fluctuate based on consistency and confidence.

Player Roles: More than 20 roles (Playoff Performer, Trench Warrior) affect player and team stats throughout the season.

The Pre-Season Matters: Start with 75-player roster and need to make cuts each week. Playing pre-season games reveals player ratings.

Scouting Reworked: Tiered scouting system reveals ratings tied to different events (college season, combine, pro day, individual workout).

Draft Class Improvements: Robust set of draftees built for 30 seasons of franchise. Teams draft based on their real tendencies.

Free Agent Bidding Wars: eBay style bidding against other GMs creates intense, rapid-fire free agent period that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Smarter General Managers: Better re-sign and cut logic. GMs make trades and sign free agents who fit their needs, with player roles factored in.

Coaches Matter: Coaches have small positive and negative impact on how players perform on the field based on their style.

Edit Any Player: Alter the ratings of any player — rookie, created player, or established veteran.

Change Teams: In any offseason, change control of which teams you run in Franchise mode.

Numerous Tweaks: Many other small tuning and additions are coming, including retirement logic, a more accurate salary system, fixes to the injured reserve system, better simulation stats, and more.

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