Manually Install Android 3.1 Honeycomb On Your Rooted Motorola XOOM Tablet, Forget Waiting

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As always, the Android community provides quick solutions for those not wanting to wait on an over-the-air update. In this case, the Motorola Xoom now has manual instructions for downloading and installing the Android 3.1 Honeycomb software update. For those users who have rooted their Xoom tablets, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, that means non-rooted users will not be able to use this method. But as soon as it’s available, we’ll get that information to you.

So for those rooted users who would like to apply this update, head on over to the link below for the file download and instructions. Judging from the comments, it looks like you will lose root after you apply the update. Nonetheless, the source link is below. Have fun and let us know how much you love or hate it.

Manually Updating Your Rooted Xoom

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