Samsung Droid Charge Compared To Other 4G Devices And The iPhone 4 … So When Is The Release Date?

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The buzz around the Samsung Droid Charge on Verizon Wireless has picked up dramatically over the last couple of days. Still however, there is no release date for the device. Many peg the release for the Droid Charge on April 28th. The only problem is that the HTC Droid Incredible 2 is rumored to launch that date as well. Hopefully, we’ll get a bit more on that within a few days.

In other news, Verizon has had a few internal documents leak to the masses. In these documents, we see the Samsung Droid Charge compared to the rest of the field at Verizon, and other 4G devices on other carriers. The Verizon matchup features the HTC Thunderbolt, the Apple iPhone 4, the Samsung Fascinate, and the Droid 2 Global. Outside of Verizon devices, the Droid Charge is compared to the Motorola Atrix 4G, the HTC EVO 4G, the myTouch 4G, and the HTC Inspire 4G.

So head on down and check out the comparison and let us know which device is better for you! Now if we can only get a launch date!


Via [Droid-Life]

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