Could Apple’s Latest Ploy In Fact Be A Cover For The iPhone 5 To Ensure Minimal Leaks?

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If you are in the least bit interested in the iPhone 5, you know very well what Apple went through last year with the leak of the iPhone 4. Yeah, the whole Gizmodo thingy! It was perhaps the first time a leak of that magnitude was experienced by Apple. Knowing that, could Apple’s latest ploy be a cover for the iPhone 5? Could the focus of “software” be for this reason? Is a tighter control on the iPhone’s supply chain the reason why leaks are at a minimum? Well…

According to Shannon Cross of Cross Research, “all the pieces are in place to move ahead with iPhone 5 this summer.” However, the concern outside of the omission of the iPhone 5 in Apple’s WWDC 2011 announcement, is the lack of supplier information and leaks we are accustomed to, especially considering how the iPhone 4’s fiasco went last year. To that Cross states,

We believe iPhone 5 will bear a close resemblance to iPad2 internals (A5 processor, baseband for 3G models, cameras, gyroscope), with a slightly wider screen and modified antenna/case design. Therefore, with limited new changes, the potential information leaks have been reduced. We think Apple has learned from last year (when iPhone 4 was leaked) to place tighter information controls in place.

Well … it makes sense. Sure they do not want to experience last year again. However, we still can’t be sure it’s 100% accurate. Some have stated that a delay would place Apple at a competitive disadvantage. What do you think? Is this just a cover? Do you feel Apple will release the iPhone 5 this summer? Let us know! For more coverage on Cross Research findings, visit WSJ!

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