Building The Ultimate Madden Playbook, #1 SB Flip Trips- Bronco Fork [VIDEO]

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So if you guys hadn’t noticed we are huge Madden fans around here. As such we know that many of our readers are just as big fans of the franchise as we are and because of that we are always on the lookout to get you the hookup on any information that you can use to make you better. In come our friends at to hit you with the first in a series of tips pertaining some of the best offensive and defensive strategies and plays in Madden that you can use to destroy your competition. Sportsgamerz is one of the best places to find tons of Madden Tips And Strategies and to answer the question you have in your head they are already preparing for Madden 12.

Today, Sportsgamerz is demonstrating how you can run the SB Flip Trips- Bronco Fork to perfection and totally discombobulate your opponent. The SB Flip Trips is one of more difficult offensive formations to defend in Madden 11. The Bronco Fork provides you with solid and easy reads when setup as described below.


1.    Hot route the outside left WR to perform a slant out route

2.    Streak the right slot WR (running the post route)

3.    Smart route the inside right WR (running the corner route)

4.    Hot route the outside right WR to perform a drag route

5.    Motion the outside right WR to the left and snap the ball right when he reaches the right slot WR (watch the video for exact execution)

Your reads when running this against any defense (blitz, man, or zone) are described below.


1.    RB Angle Route (ANY zone coverage and man coverage once it cuts over the middle of the field)

2.    WR Drag Route (ANY coverage)

3.    Smart Routed Corner Route (ANY zone coverage and man coverage if you have more time)

4.    Slant Out Route (1 on 1 coverage if you have a good user catch)

5.    Slot Streak Route (Man press coverage or any coverage that over plays the corner route)

Your first two reads will beat man or zone very easily. The reason why they should be your first two reads is because they get open very quickly which allows you to beat the blitz without having to block any extra offensive players. If you have more time, you should look to hit reads 3-5. These reads will consistently get open and net you more yardage, but they take more time to develop.

Well that’s the description but we know some of you are more visual than others and because of that we even have an HD video to illustrate for you exactly what we are talking about. Check the vid below, listen to what Duke from Sportsgamerz is saying and go out and leave your competition completely frustrated. For more Madden Tips and Strategies, don’t hesitate to jump over to They sell tons of great Madden guides and ebooks which come complete with HD video support just like what you see here. Stay tuned for more Madden Tips and Strategies on ZoKnowsGaming courtesy of the great team at Sportsgamerz.

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