Highly Addictive X Construction, Now Available For Free In The Amazon AppStore For Android

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If you haven’t grabbed the X Construction app from the Android Market, this is the best time to pick it up. Not from the Android Market, but the Amazon AppStore for Android. Why? It’s free. The full version of the game is free, which normally costs $1.49.

X Construction, by CrossConstruct, is a very addictive Android game in my opinion. All you are really doing is “building a bridge to let the train safely cross the valley, with the given amount of materials.” It sounds simple, but it can be very challenging. Anyway, head on over to the Amazon AppStore and grab this game if you want it. It’s really nothing to lose since it’s free.

For more information, check out the links below.

X Construction @ the Amazon AppStore For Android

Amazon AppStore For Android


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