Apple iPhone 5 To Have A Secondary Display With A Smart Bezel, Courting Illuminated Buttons?

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The latest suggestions surrounding Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 5, have taken a pretty interesting turn. Apple’s latest patent to gain the interest of everyone stems from a recent report from Patently Apple. I honestly have to admit that if this happens, we may see another transformation in the smartphone arena, as all of Apple’s competitors dial in.

According to the report,

Apple intends to introduce a method that employs a very cool secondary display scheme that utilizes a printed segmented electroluminescence display. Apple intends to use the secondary display to introduce a set of new illuminated indicators that are able morph into various controls for work and play. Illuminated gaming and productivity controls could be built into the face-side of the bezel and/or selected back-side areas of iOS devices like the iPad.

Whether or not this makes it to the iPhone 5 (as no date for release has been confirmed) will be a mystery. However, as we go forward and have many more generations of the iPhone released, it’s not unforeseeable that we won’t have these capabilities ushered in.  Does this kill any chance of an edge-to-edge screen size increase for the iPhone? Perhaps!

The report goes on to say that,

Apple’s patent covers systems and methods for selectively illuminating a secondary display. An electronic device could include a primary display (e.g., a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen) and a secondary display (e.g., a printed segmented electroluminescence display). The primary display could be used to convey visual content to a user, and the secondary display could be used to guide a user providing inputs to the device. For example, the secondary display could be selectively illuminated to provide one or more indicators that represent where or how a user can provide inputs to the device.

So what do you think? Would you like to see this technology on your next iPhone? Or are you more concerned with an increased screen size, NFC, LTE, a new design, etc.? Let us know! One thing for sure, is that Apple and its’ iPhone will continue to innovate and set the standard for the mobile industry. For more information on this, including more pictures from the patent, visit the source link below.

Source [PatentlyApple]


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