Verizon & AT&T iPhone 4 Owners: Who’s Happier And Experiencing Less Dropped Calls?

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As if you have not already formed your own answer about the title, we’ll dial in and tell you exactly what was discovered in the latest survey conducted by ChangeWave. Each carrier’s customers are happy, and of course Verizon Wireless is still experiencing less dropped calls. Yes, you were right!

The survey was conducted on 4,068 consumers, and also offered up which carrier customers, who are considering an iPhone 4 as their next purchase, will choose. While we can just leave it at, customers on both carriers are overwhelmingly happy with the iPhone 4, we can’t help but tell you whose results were higher, and how the satisfaction levels are broken down. 80% of AT&T customers are very happy, while 82% Verizon Wireless customers are very happy with the device. Additionally, AT&T had another 18% of their iPhone 4 customers who were somewhat satisfied, with Verizon Wireless having 16%. For those counting, that’s 98% satisfaction for the iPhone 4 for both carriers. While this is a good sign for both AT&T and Verizon, I’m sure that this has more to do with Apple.

Where we see the most disparity is in percentage of dropped calls. Like an old broken record, Verizon remains on top, and AT&T remains on the bottom. That’s not only for the iPhone 4 or between the two carriers, but across the board for the four major carriers in the US. Take a look at the charts and you’ll get the picture.

Were there any surprises here? No! Apple makes great products, Verizon Wireless has a great network, and AT&T – well, they are working on it. Additionally, ChangeWave reports that of customers looking to purchase an iPhone 4, 46% will choose Verizon Wireless and 27% are aiming for AT&T (27& unsure). So what do you think? Surprised at all?

Via [ChangeWave]

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