Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote Round 2 Results, And Then There Were Eight

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We are almost there, the second round of the Madden NFL 12 cover vote is over and we have the results for you right here. There were definitely a few surprises with Jamaal Charles edging out Maurice Jones-Drew 51%/49% and Peyton Hillis beat out Matt Ryan 51%/49%. Today we have found out the 8 NFL players that will advance through to the next round of the Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote campaign. So before we give you our picks for Round 3, let’s get you recapped on Round 2 and let us know what you think about the winners.



·          76% Aaron Rodgers / 24% Sam Bradford

·          57% Danny Woodhead / 43% Hakeem Nicks

·          51% Maurice Jones-Drew / 49% Jamaal Charles

·          51% Peyton Hillis / 49% Matt Ryan

·          44% Philip Rivers / 56% Adrian Peterson

·          39% Mark Sanchez / 61% Drew Brees

·          62% Michael Vick / 38% Andre Johnson

·          60% Patrick Willis / 40% Hines Ward

Our Round 3 Picks:

Aaron Rodgers vs Danny Woodhead

Winner: Well Woodhead has had quite a run until now but there is no way he beats out Super Bowl Winning QB Aaaron Rodgers on this one.

Jamaal Charles vs Peyton Hillis

Winner: This one is what I would say is too close to call. They both won by a 51%/49% margins so this one is pretty much a toss up.

Drew Brees vs Adrian Peterson

Winner: Drew Brees absolutely crushed Mark Sanchez and I think he will do the same thing to A.P. on this one. QB’s always get all the love.

Michael Vick vs Patrick Willis

Winner: Mike Vick  easily beat out Andre Johnson and he should do the same thing to Patrick Willis. Patrick Willis is a great MLB and probably will be for the next several seasons but MLB’s don’t beat out QB’s at anything.

Round 3 voting is now open and fans can make their selections exclusively at to determine which of the 8 NFL players advance to the next round of the Madden NFL 12 cover athlete voting campaign. Who you got?

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