Areas We Want To See Improved In NBA 2K12

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Last year we told you that NBA 2K11 was one of the best sports game we have ever played, perhaps even the best. NBA 2K11 was simply an awesome game and we said as such when we reviewed it but after having a few months and a few patches for it we now know what NBA 2K12 needs to have to be even more awesome coming out of the gate.

This isn’t meant to be an all inclusive list but this is supposed to highlight our top couple of  issues that we have with the game as it stands today that we hope the folks at Visual Concepts can rectify in NBA 2K12.

Improved Passing

This was perhaps the only glaring flaw in last year’s game, passing was horrific and still is. It is almost impossible to run a smooth offense because the computer manages to steal passes that they don’t even see. It’s also frustrating when you try to pass to a guy under the basket and it passes the ball across the court usually causing it to get stolen. The ball needs to go in the direction I press. If you get out on a fast break and try to make passes that NBA players make in real life everyday you can’t make them. The result is that the game gets really frustrating and you end up committing way more turnovers than you should. It also messes up the flow of the game as you have to pay way to much attention to the passes you make. We agree that outrageous passes shouldn’t work but basic passes on a fast breaks that we watch real players in the NBA make daily should work.

Stable Online Gameplay Day 1

When NBA 2K11 first came out the online experience was hit or miss and mostly not good. This caused me to get frustrated with it and I stopped playing it. I got bored recently and went back to NBA 2K11 and was happy with how stable it has become. It needs to be like this from Day 1, take what they learned this year and at least get it stabilized and tweaked within the first month.

nba2k11l3Living Rosters

Living rosters is a really nice touch, but they must be tweaked and managed more actively. Players everywhere have complained that gameplay with the default rosters and then with the Living Rosters is really different and it is. 2K really needs to look at this and take a much more active role in how they manage and update this.

Improved A.I. Logic

So the CPU in the game is hit or miss but doesn’t do what you expect most of the time. On fastbreaks, if you are out on the floor with numbers the computer should run towards the front of the rim looking for the pass but for someone reason they run with you till about the 3 point line and then just stop giving you know outlet. The next issue is that the CPU just stands still too much, lots of times their will be a clear open cutting lane and the CPU NEVER takes it. It is frustrating because more movement would lead to some easy baskets and a more realistic game flow.

Where’s The Post Game?

The ability to effectively play in the post used to be one of the strongsuits of NBA 2K back with like NBA 2K8 and NBA 2K9. The controls where simple and effective and you could play a real in/out game with your guards and post players. It was a part of every true NBA 2K players repertoire but in recent years the mechanics for it have become all but unusable. You might actually have more functionality but because it isn’t a simple anymore people don’t use it that much which is a shame.

My Player

My Player mode was awesome this year until 2K put out patch 1.2 that basically made it crap. The bottom line here is that when it comes to game modes like this you are supposed to make tweaks not wholesale changes. Almost a month after release 2K put out a patch that completely changed the way this gameplay mode worked and just ruined it for a lot of us. I don’t mind them making My Player mode work the way the patch made it work but it has got to work that way from Day 1, don’t wait till a month after release to change the core gameplay of the game mode. It does a disservice to them who developed something that was completely fine the way it was and to the players who play it. If they must, make the patch optional for those folks who want to play it that way and make it easy to remove.


On-Screen Displays

I know you have deals with these guys but the on-screen graphics that show upcoming games or scoring leaders stay on screen too long and you can’t exit out of them. Lots of times it covers up the action and that’s a no-no. The other problem with the displays in modes like My Player is that it will show you in the top of a particularly category and mention everybody but you. It’s a small thing but if you lead the league in scoring and they are talking about that stat then they should be talking about you too.

Online Settings

I shouldn’t have to set these EVERY time I play, my coach settings and other tweaks should be saved for me so that we don’t have to pause the game before every game to reset them.

Alright there a lot more things but those are our main ones, what are yours? What does NBA 2K12 have to have to be better than NBA 2K11?

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