Bioserie iPod Touch 4G Cover Review: Protecting Your Device, While Protecting The Environment

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So you went out and bought the new iPod Touch 4G, and after a holding it for a while, you notice that this little music powerhouse needs some protection. Protection from scratches, unintentional drops, your kids, the dog, and so on. When looking for a cover or case, we typically try to find something that is cost efficient, protects well, and adds little bulk to the device. With so many choices in the market that meet that criterion, it’s now time to look for other innovative features to do the separation. So who comes to the plate today? Bioserie, the world’s first maker of Bioplastic covers made of plants for the iPhone.

Bioserie has a great understanding of innovation, while remaining environmentally aware and conscience. Since launching the company’s first bioplastic iPhone cover in 2010, Bioserie has followed with environmentally friendly covers for the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano, and the iPad.

We continue to explore new and innovative ways to update our products in an earth-conscious way with strong elements of fashion and style. Kaya Kaplancali, CEO of Bioserie

For over a month, we have been able to put the Bioserie cover for the iPod Touch 4G to the test. At just 1 mm thick and weighing only 10 grams, you barely remember that the cover is there. Bioserie really made this product feel native to the iPod Tough 4G. The cover fits nearly perfect on the device, and the edges are raised slightly on the ends to protect the device in case you ever place the screen down on a flat surface.

While the cutout on the side where the volume rockers are located is well thought out, the cutout for the power button is not. This is one of only two gripes I have with the product. There is no protection for the top of the device, with the exception of the corners. Though this is a small concern, I would have liked to see the top have more coverage to prevent the possibility of scratches.

The feel and materials used to make this device, provides a great in-hand experience with the Bioserie cover. I can’t state enough how native this product feels on the iPod Touch. However, that same material allows the product to slide easily on desks, tables, glass, and other flat surfaces. It just seemed too easy for the device to slide right off a table or other flat surface.

Even with those issues, I’d still recommend this product for everyone. Those two “gripes” did not create problems, they are just potential problems. At just $34.95 (free shipping), this product provides more than enough protection for your iPod, with very little bulk added. The covers are available in four different colors: White, Black, Pink, and Blue. In addition to those benefits, Bioserie makes the Bioplastic covers from plants, which is as environmentally friendly as you can get. Here are a few other benefits listed on the site:

  • Plant based bioplastic material prevents potential skin irritancy during gaming.
  • Does not spill over the screen area, allowing easy typing, browsing, gaming and music control.
  • Does not attract dust or stick in your pocket like silicone or rubber cases.

Again, if you are in need of a protective cover for you iPod Touch 4G, or any of the other Apple products, visit, Their products are as good as any other product on the market. For more information and frequently asked questions visit Bioserie FAQ’s.

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