THQ Provides Updates On Homefront’s Multiplayer Issues

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The folks at THQ are taking the issues that seem to be plaguing Homefront‘s multiplayer head-on providing an update on the issues and giving detailed guidance on what they are going to do to fix the issues across all platforms. While gamers hate to hear these kinds of issues, its refreshing to see a company get out in front of issues like this. This is in sharp contrast to the behavior we have seen from developers in the past where they would barely even admit that their were issues. Anyway, let’s get you those details.

homefront-breaking-news-logoThe Homefront Team says they have been working around the clock identifying and fixing issues surrounding the game’s multiplayer functionality. Here’s a summary of the status for each platform.

  • Xbox 360: The Homefront team is finishing up our first Critical Title Update that will address the Profile Corruption issue (also known as the ‘Freeze’ bug), as this is our highest priority. We are also including a fix for multiplayer connectivity and ping time issues, where players are being sent to distant server locations at the expense of performance. We expect this update to be submitted to Microsoft really soon and we will be working with them very closely to get this approved and deployed as quickly as possible.
  • PlayStation 3: We are also working on several multiplayer connectivity and freeze issues on this platform as well. Many Homefront issues occur equally across all consoles but the PlayStation 3 Comprehensive Patch will be sent to SONY as soon as the issues are resolved. (we still have to wait for Sony to get it through their approval process though)
  • PC: The PC patching process is a much more “real-time” situation, given they do not need to go through any kind of certification process and fixes are being made and delivered as soon as they are resolved.

Homefront Update Plans

1. Update 1: Xbox 360 Critical Title Update

  • Scheduled for Microsoft Submission in the next day or two
  • Fixing the Xbox Live Profile Corruption ‘Freeze’ Issue
  • Fix for players being matched in distant server locations

2. Update 2: Additional Game Issues Fixes

  • Playstation 3 Update will release as soon as fixes are ready.
  • Xbox 360 will submit as soon as Update 1 is released live.

Fixes include:

  • Multiplayer Freezing (affecting X360 & PS3)
  • Experience and Statistics Resets (affecting X360 & PS3)
  • Improving Party Matchmaking & Joining with Friends (affecting X360 & PS3)
  • Fixing the Beacon Error (affecting X360 only)
  • Correcting inconsistent Leaderboards data (affecting X360 & PS3)

These issues are disheartening as Homefront had a lot of momentum but I don’t know what this will do that. I think that THQ got what they wanted, perhaps they weren’t prepared for the overwhelming volume that they are receiving. In any case that’s where they are with the updates. What do you guys think? If you own it are you going to wait for them to get the multiplayer fixed? If you haven’t bought it yet, does this make you change your mind about picking it up.

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