iPhone 5 Features And Changes Are Constantly Confirmed Outside Of Apple

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We are again able to deliver exciting news for those awaiting the Apple iPhone 5. Now that the iPhone 5 is in the trial production stage, more confirmation on rumors has surfaced. This time we get our much researched news from China Times. Some of these you may like, others you may not. For starters, it’s being reported that Apple has addressed the antenna design flaw found in the iPhone 4. According to the report, the iPhone 5 will improve its’ antenna design with an increased panel size and metal chassis.

Additionally, it was reported that Apple has decided on the iPhone 5 for the latest hot topic technology – Near Field Communication (NFC), which should add another option for purchasing goods and services. Hopefully, Apple delivers this with a sophisticated security approach.

For those wanting to shut the Android guys up with a larger screen, the Apple iPhone 5 has been reported to have a 4 Inch screen.  Again, we are hoping that this will be done with just an edge-to-edge extension of the current screen, instead of making the device bigger.

All of this new technology and upgrades should all be running on the processing power of Apple’s new A5 processor. The A5 processor blows away the iPhone 4’s A4 processor in both processing and graphical power.

Nothing much here that we have not already heard. However, with more and more sources confirming on these rumors, it’s hard not to imagine them being true. By the way, if you read a little further in the report, it’s also stated that the planned launch for the iPhone 5 is in Q3 2011. So are you excited? Are you holding out for the iPhone 5? Lets us know!


Via [AppleInsider]


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