WWE All Stars Shows Off Its Creative Side, Create-A-Superstar Mode Detailed [TRAILER]

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Now normally in arcade style games like this players have to sacrifice a deep customization and creation feature because the developers just don’t put a lot of emphasis there but not in WWE All Stars. The Create-a-Superstar (CAS) feature in the game contains a robust amount of options for players to make their very own, larger than life Superstars.  Players can customize a number of features, including appearance, ring gear, move set, finisher, entrance and nickname.  Whether interested in making a human being, Ogre, wizard, devil, favorite licensed character or more, WWE All Stars, a wide variety of creations are possible. Let’s break down the features of Create-a-Superstar here:



WWE All Stars stands out in the amount of exciting options that affect the look of a created Superstar.  The options to adjust the face include everything from mouth, jaw, nose, cheek, skull, head, brow, eyes and ears. This makes any face possible to create!  A Superstar’s body shape is fully adjustable as well.  Parts such as the hands, legs, arms, chest, waist, shoulders, abdomen and feet can all be individually customized.

Ring Gear

Clothing adds a lot to a Superstar’s personality, so WWE All Stars went all out on the variety of options available to players.  Beyond more than 100 top and bottom designs, there are a variety of hats, glasses, masks, necklaces, boots and shoes to choose from.  Details such as a wide variety of elbow pads, wrist tape, knee pads, wrist tape and gloves are all included.

Move Sets & Finishers

Create-a-Superstar allows the user to select the move set of any WWE Legend or WWE Superstar featured in WWE All Stars.  Better yet, the user can combine the selected move set with any finishing move in the game.  There’s nothing more satisfying than The Rock’s infamous “People’s Elbow,” followed by Triple H’s Pedigree!

Nicknames and Entrances

Players can choose from a wide variety of nicknames that WWE Hall of Famer, “The Fink,” Howard Finkel will announce during the created Superstar’s entrance.  There are also several custom entrances the player can select, as well as the ability for created Superstars to head down the entrance ramp mimicking the entrances of their favorite WWE Legends and WWE Superstars!

So as you can see, WWE All Stars has more than enough customization ability for you to create whoever or whatever you want.

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