Look Again, The Apple iPad 2’s Display Is Just As Good As The iPhone 4’s Retina Display

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After a lot of upheaval about the display of the iPad 2, we’re seeing reports and test results which indicate that the display is in fact, almost on par with the Retina Display of the iPhone 4. The test was performed by Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation, and consisted of “in-depth objective side-by-side comparisons of the displays based on detailed lab measurements and extensive viewing tests.”

Here is a section of his findings titled Results Highlights:

As we show in the Comparison Table below the display on the iPad 2 delivers almost identical performance to the impressive iPhone 4 Retina Display. Although the iPad has a higher pixel resolution than the iPhone 4, the screen is much larger so the number of Pixels Per Inch is only 132 ppi compared to the iPhone 4 Retina Display value of 326 ppi. Lower ppi makes the pixels more apparent, an effect called pixelation. The very high ppi is a major marketing feature for the iPhone 4, but it’s actually something of an overkill (and primarily there for App compatibility) because existing anti-aliasing methods can successfully reduce noticeable pixelation at lower resolutions and ppi.

While the iPad 2 has excellent LCD display hardware, there are two significant shortfalls in the OS display software that Apple could “easily” fix with a software update that would notably improve the already excellent iPad 2 display performance.

The complete Display Shoot-Out Comparison Table is available at the source link below comparing the iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS. Hopefully, those who make the display argument, along with those who may have questions on how it looks, can get some answers from this information.


Source [DisplayMate]

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