PC Tools Simple Backup Software Review

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Here are a few questions that we should all consider. What will you do when that one important document (term paper, legal document, etc.) gets accidentally deleted? What will you do when those baby photos, graduation videos, or engagement pictures on your computer are lost? When was the last time you backed up anything? Moreover, what will you do when your computer crashes and you lose everything? We hear these stories all the time about how memories and important files are lost, yet we never really search for a solution that is able to preemptively combat these issues until it is too late.

Quick Fact/Guarantee: Keep a computer long enough and it will eventually crash on you. You will lose all of your files, and you may not be able to recover them. I know this, most of you know it, and others will soon find out.

Fortunately, if you are reading this on your computer it’s not too late. If you are reading this on a new computer, a friend’s computer, or a newly formatted computer because of some type of system failure, which means you lost everything, you’re in luck as well. From now on your files are safe and secure. Why? A simple solution – PC Tools Simple Backup Software!

PC Tools is a well-respected security software company throughout the world. Just check out some of the rewards they have garnered. With any product or service you purchase, especially dealing with security and reliability, you want to make sure no scams or unreliable business is being done. PC Tools passes this test flawlessly, while offering Live Chat Support, Email Support, and Telephone Support – pretty much a standard by which all purchased products or services should have. The developers hold true to the “Simple” part of this software application by really making it an ABC installation and setup experience.

PC Tools Simple Backup Software gives users the freedom of running the installation, performing the first time backup, and never really worrying about losing those files ever again. The backup occurs on your personal backup storage device (external hard drive), unless you purchase the complete package of software and the storage device from PC Tools. The backup covers applications, documents, photos, videos, emails, operating systems, and a lot more. Once those files are backed up, PC Tools software automatically maintains changes and modifications of the file in case the worst happens. Unlike many of the software we are used to, there is no need to schedule a particular time for the backup to take place, which is what I love most. It just works automatically continuously!

Additionally, the software features password protection, the ability to transfer files between multiple computers, and protection for up to 3 different computers with an almost seamless experience with the native Windows software.

Currently, consumers can purchase the software for PC Tools Simple Backup for $34.99, with the recommended option to purchase the PC Recovery & Simple Backup boot disk in the event of a crash for $9.99. This software would be used on your existing external hard drive. For those wanting the software pre-installed on a storage device from PC Tools, a 320 GB hard drives is available for $135.00 and the 1 TB hard drive is available for $195.00. You’ll have to ask yourself how much is losing your data worth, then you can determine whether or not one of those purchases is needed. If it is needed, PC Tools is definitely a solid choice and we are recommending it to all of our readers. For more information on PC Tools and their other products visit http://www.pctools.com/

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