The Weapons Of Saints Row: The Third, Hot Or Not?

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saintsrow3logoThanks to our friends over at GameInformer we know have a better idea of the kind of  new weapons Saints Row: The Third will feature and the type of mayhem they will allow us to cause. Saints Row: The Third will feature all the standard weapons that we are used to playing with: pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, grenades, maybe a bazooka or two. But that’s nothing we have never seen before, some of the weapons that will make their way into Saints Row: The Third are definitely completely unique. The game will feature things like a chainsaw, satchel charge, a sledgehammer, samurai sword and a giant foam “pimp hand” for smacking some sense into fools. Get a load of some of the other weapons and let us know what you think about them. Are they unique and awesome or are they just plain whack?

Air Strike

This one sounds more like something out of Call Of Duty than Saints Row, but they did say that the Third Street Saints had come up. Air Strike will allow players to call in some serious backup and absolutely devastate their enemies. Trust us they won’t even see this one coming,  you just make sure you are nowhere around when it goes down ok?

Predator Drone

Again, this seems more like something out of one of our favorite FPSs. Activating the Predator Drone will change the camera view to a top-down look similar to what we used when we took fools down in the AC-130 in Modern Warfare 2. These babies allow you to drop either one standard bomb or a smart bomb that you can precisely guide to your target for an up close and personal touch.

RC Gun

This one sounds almost CODish but then we get the twist. This weapon allows you to shoot out a transmitter that will give you control of almost any vehicle, initially just cars but as the game progresses you can hijack tanks and aircraft. Ah the possibilities with this one.


Now we know you will appreciate this one, in Saints Row 2 you could upgrade your weapons a bit but it was always tied to an objective you had to complete. Saints Row: The Third tosses that methodology out of the window and goes for a more proper levelling approach. Now you can take that standard assault rifle which is deadly in its own right and add a scope and grenade launcher, now who’s going to run up on you with that?

Sex Toy Bat

Ok, guys we know this one sounds whack, but apparently the toy bat is going to pack quite a wallop when you use it as a melee weapon. Beating a fool down with a sex toy bat has got to be the ultimate insult, we look forward to it.

Alright folks that is it but don’t be said because that is nowhere near all the weapons you will have at your disposal when Saints Row: The Third drops this holiday season. What do you think of the new weapons and the upgrade system?

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