HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Woes, Causing Potential Buyers To Defect Altogether … Now March 16th?

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Over the past few days, we’ve learned a lot about the HTC Thunderbolt’s release. To sum it up all completely, no one really knows. However, some interesting rumors have caught our attention on the matter. For starters, it’s quite evident that the February 14th & 28th rumored dates were bogus. We still believe that those dates were legit, but due to some issues which may involve battery life, Verizon’s kneel to Apple, etc., it had to be pushed back. Additionally, the March 3rd rumor date has come and gone.

Interestingly, we’ve seen leaked information (unconfirmed), which pretty much details how much HTC is upset with Verizon Wireless on the delays. If this information is accurate, the HTC Thunderbolt is already in Verizon stores and should have been released by now. Check out this SMS conversation that Android Community got a hold of between SentNation and a Verizon Insider:

“Me (7:04 PM): What’s up? Not happening today?
Source (9:51 PM): Things are being finalized. We’re shipping to stores tomorrow which is ahead of schedule. [HTC] wanted it announced days ago. I think either tomorrow or Monday/tues we’ll go public with the news. Phone’s been ready forever
Me (10:00 PM): Sounds like hell. March 10 still?
Source (10:10 PM): 10th is right. Just got off a conference call with [Some partner] things are getting chippy around here. Someone’s more impatient than you ó We heard HTC threatened to pull all its ads if we don’t announce a date before Saturday
Me (10:14 PM): Holy ****. Think it’ll be announced soon then?
Source (10:27 PM): I hope so I don’t need that ****”

Could HTC sense (pun intended) that Verizon has some type of agreement with Apple to push the date back? We honestly don’t know! But this could get interesting. Why? Well, today as we get closer to the next rumored date, March 10th, another rumor has surfaced. This rumor according to PopHerald’s tipster, states that the launch date is now March 16th. Are you serious? It’s easy to see how a person can think that this is because of Apple. Why? Apple is launching that Apple iPad 2, which could affect the Thunderbolt’s release. This could be totally false, but why won’t Verizon put an end to what their customers and potential customers are dreading over.

With these growing pains from Verizon Wireless and perhaps HTC, we have to ask, Are you considering not purchasing the HTC Thunderbolt altogether? From what we’re reading and hearing from you all, this seems like what’s happening. The Motorola Droid Bionic will be out soon, the Motorola Atrix is already confirmed, and the iPhone 5 is just a few months away. So what will you do? Let us know!

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