Windows Phone 7 Update Is Rolling Again For Samsung Phones, Other Models Still On Schedule

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After a rough start to the updating process for Windows Phone 7 and Samsung, Microsoft is happy to announce that the update for all Samsung devices will begin rolling out again. For those who are wondering about their devices turning into a “brick”, I’m thinking that they have that and the other problems (screen issues, not turning off, etc.) resolved.

During the past week the engineering team has pinpointed and fixed problems that were preventing a small percentage of Windows Phones from installing the February software patch. We apologize again for the delay and continue looking for ways to improve the update process.

As far as the other Windows Phone 7 devices, the update is rolling out as scheduled. As always, when the update is available for your phone, a prompt will alert you to it. Be sure to come back and let us know how your updating process worked out. Cheers!


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