Apple Announces The iPad 2 Tomorrow, Should They Steal Anything From Android Or Any Other OS?

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So it’s no secret – Apple will unveil the iPad 2 tomorrow! For the first time in a long time, we don’t have any rumors or leaks to give you on the magical device. All of that will be delivered tomorrow. Additionally, most of our questions will be answered. Now as we wonder and look forward to Apple’s announcement, we can’t ignore the march of Android into the tablet world. Apple is innovative and daring with their products. A lot of what you see in Android and other OS’s were in some way inspired by Apple. However, we wonder if there is anything that Apple can learn from these guys. More specifically, is there anything Apple should steal from Google’s Android, RIM’s BlackBerry, HP’s webOS, Microsoft Windows Phone 7, ETC?

Now we know that most of this lies in the OS. Specifically, it may not be an iPad limitation, but rather a limitation of iOS. So when we say iPad 2, we know where it really aims. So here are a few examples: Gizmodo wrote “with the iPad 2 being announced next week, Apple is the one that needs to play catch-up to others.”

  • Notifications –  the number one usability complaint right now on both the iPad and the iPhone.”
  • Multitasking – Apple’s current multitasking tray is decent, but it’s not perfect.”
  • Synching – Additionally, Wireless App Synching

Are there any other qualities of the other OS’s that Apple should try to incorporate into the iOS, and thus the iPad 2? What do you think? What missing in your iPad that you would like to have from Google, HP, Microsoft, or Research In Motion? We asked that question, but we know that a lot of users don’t think Apple should take anything! Either way, hit up our comments and let us know!





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