Our Top 5 WWE All Stars Past Vs Present Fantasy Matchups

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wwe-all-stars-ps3-box-art1Now that we know the full WWE All Stars roster we thought it was time to put together a list of the Top 5 fantasy matchups we can’t wait to see. Anytime you get a game like this with legends and current superstars you can’t help but start to fantasize about the outrageous past versus present matchups you will be able to create. As a lifelong wrestling fan, I always am a bit biased when it comes to who I think would win these matchups, I love the WWE superstars of today but man there is no replacing the grit and toughness of the wrestlers of yesteryear.

So enough reminiscing, let’s get into our Top 5 past vs present fantasy matchups that we can’t wait to set up in WWE All Stars. These are in no particular order.

hoganHulk Hogan vs. Triple H

This one is the only one that technically doesn’t count as fantasy since Hogan and Triple H have actually wrestled (though Hogan of course was nowhere near his prime), but Hogan in his prime vs Triple H would have been epic and now we will get a chance to play it and see how that would have turned out. We love Triple H and they don’t call him “The Game” for nothing, but if Triple H had faced Hogan back in the 80s when he was in his prime I don’t think that he would have stood a chance. Don’t get me wrong, it would have been epic, but we think in the end this one ends with Hogan dropping that big leg across H’s throat and finishing this one. Winner: Hulk Hogan

Brett “The Hitman” Hart vs Randy Orton

This one is awful tough because sad to say Hart doesn’t really have an equal in today’s WWE. Hart was a ring technician the likes of which just don’t exist today. With that said though, Orton is no slouch and the “Legend Killer’ must be respected. We think that Hart would give Orton everything he can handle and make him feel pain that he has never felt before. The thing that tips the scales in this case is Orton’s nastiness and willingness to do whatever it takes to win. We think that this would be one for the ages, ultimately Orton uses his combination of actual skill and his propensity to cheat in order to pull this one off and deliver the RKO putting the Hitman down. Winner: Randy Orton


Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs Rey Mysterio

You know we had to put this one together. Snuka was the original high-flyer and pioneered the kind of aecrobatic style that Mysterio is known for today. Snuka is one of those guys though that doesn’t get enough credit for being a very good wrestler which he was. When you see the highlights, they always show him flying through the air in some outrageous way but he was a very skilled wrestler. Mysterio’s biggest issue has always been his size or lack thereof. Mysterio definitely wins the speed battle and is a lot more high energy than Snuka was. I think they go head to head and wear each other out with tons of high flying action. As the match goes on Snuka tries to wear Mysterio down with his almost 80 pound weight advantage but Mysterio slips away and hits Snuka with an 819 out of nowhere to put the Superfly down for the count. Winner: Rey Mysterio

sheamusSheamus vs Big Bossman

For all intensive purposes this would have been one hell of a match. Sheamus and Big Bossman are essentially the same guy, when it comes to physical size and nasty disposition they are almost identical. Even though the Big Bossman never reached the level of fame that Sheamus has, he was still a formidable opponent. When he hit folks with that Bossman Slam it was usually a wrap. Sheamus on other hand is just a freak of nature. Unlike most of his opponents today, Sheamus won’t physical overmatch Bossman but his a much better athlete. While I am sure that Bossman would do some serious damage to Sheamus, there is just no way that he can compete in the end. Sheamus catches Bossman slipping and his him with this running crucifix bomb (whatever the hell he calls it these days) and its over. Winner: Sheamus

Alright folks this has been a good time and no it brings us to the last matchup which you knew we couldn’t close without talking about.


R.I.P. Andre

Andre The Giant vs The Big Show

Oh yeah baby, this one would be one for the ages. Andre The Giant was perhaps the most interesting juxtaposition that has ever stepped foot in the WWE. When he wrestled, there was no one else even near his size and he never did anything¬† that he didn’t want to do. He was an entertainer and he did his job but if you made him actually made while you were in the ring with him then he might really hurt you. For the most part though most folks say he was a gentle giant. The Big Show is the complete opposite, he’s a big guy and he knows it. I remember when I first saw the Big Show, though back then they called him “The Giant” and people felt like it was a diss to Andre. These two would battle it and it would be knock down drag out, it wouldn’t be pretty but it would be entertaining. For as strong as Big Show, I don’t know that there has ever been or ever will be a WWE superstar as powerful as Andre The Giant was. That my friend is the deciding factor as Andre delivers that big boot to the face of the Big Show and sends him crashing to the mat permanently. Winner: Andre The Giant

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