Full WWE All Stars Roster Revealed, Who Got Shafted? [TRAILER]

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wwe-all-stars-ps3-box-art1So if you have been monitoring WWE All Stars then you are probably pretty excited. THQ has finally revealed the complete roster for the game and its interesting as much for who isn’t on it as for who is. Up until now we knew who the 15 WWE Legends were going to be and we knew who the 15 current superstars were going to be but we had no idea who would be available via DLC. Keep in mind we say complete because this is as complete as we have available right now, but we are sure more superstars will be on the way via DLC. For instance, Chris Masters isn’t on this list but he has been seen in previously released screenshots so we fully expect more additions as we move forward. Now check out the full WWE All Stars roster below and let us know what you think about it, who got shafted?

The complete WWE All-Stars Roster:

WWE Legends:

1.       Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

2.       Shawn Michaels

3.       Mr. Perfect

4.       “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

5.       The Rock

6.       Hulk Hogan

7.       Ultimate Warrior

8.       Macho Man

9.       Bret Hart

10.   Andre the Giant

11.   Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

12.   Eddie Guerrero

13.   Jake “The Snake” Roberts

14.   Sgt. Slaughter

15.   Roddy Piper

Current WWE Superstars:

1.       The Undertaker

2.       The Miz

3.       Drew McIntyre

4.       CM Punk

5.       Triple H

6.       John Cena

7.       Rey Mysterio

8.       Sheamus

9.       The Big Show

10.   Randy Orton

11.   Kofi Kingston

12.   Edge

13.   Jack Swagger

14.   Kane

15.   John Morrison


1.       R-Truth

2.       Big Bossman

3.       Chris Jericho

4.       Jerry “The King” Lawler

5.       Michael Hayes

6.       Mark Henry

7.       Dusty Rhodes

8.       Hawk and Animal

9.       Cody Rhodes

10.   “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

11.   Ted DiBiase Jr.

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