Latest iPhone 5 Rumors, Specs, And Mockup … Wait A Minute!

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A Chinese reseller for Apple parts has produced what could be the digitizer panel for the iPhone 5’s touch screen. In the picture you clearly see that the screen cutout is larger than past iPhones. This could support those 4-inch screen rumors. It’s important to know that the validity of this picture has not been confirmed. With a quick look, we noticed the almost duplicate glare marks, which could indicate some kind of Photoshop (look again at the two 3 group glares). Additionally, we are still hearing that the iPhone 5, which is dubbed as a complete redesign, may have a “new integrated SIM card” to provide support for multiple carriers.

Looking at the digitizer panel again, you should notice a thinner bezel on all sides, which would provide for the larger screen, while maintaining actual size. 9to5Mac has a pretty cool mockup of what we could possibly see (below). Finally, the iPhone 5 could possibly sport the A5 processor, which would be an upgrade from the current A4 chip.

If these rumors are true, do you think Apple is on the right course for the iPhone 5. Let us know!

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