MacBook Pro Specs Revealed? To Include “New Technology”

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macbook-pro-lineMore information about the new MacBook Pros has been revealed. Specs! Although none of this has been confirmed by the higher powers that be, MacGeneration has been given this information from a trusted source. In addition to the specifications, we’re told that the MacBook Pros will have a new technology inside. Maybe Light Peak? Anyway, head on down and check out the rumored specs.

MacBook Pro Rumored Specs:

  • no more white MacBook (Apple goes back to two lines of 13″ inchers)
  • 16 GB SSD mSATA drives on all models to store the system
  • Core i3 and third USB port on the 13″ model
  • Matte screen option on the higher-end 13″
  • Option to replace the SuperDrive with a SSD on the 15 and 17″ models
  • HD screens on all models : 1440×900 on the 13″, 1680×1050 on the 15″
  • 200 to 300 grams lighter : 1.8 kg for the 13″, 2.3 kg for the 15″, 2.65 kg for the  17″
  • Better battery life : 12 hours on the 13″, 10 hours on the 15″
  • 8 GB of RAM on the 17″

So what do you think? If these are some of the specs, does it get you even more excited? Or were you wishing for something else. Hit up the comments and let us know!

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