Just How Thin Could The Apple iPad 2 Be … Really, Really Thin [VIDEO]

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ipad2 401x300

Well what do you know? The folks over at 9to5Mac had the opportunity to review a case that is apparently for the Apple iPad 2. Just in case you were wondering how thin this generation iPad would be – I guess we can say pretty thin. Take a look at the video they put together to see for yourself. In their post (source link below) they have lots of spec related information that may confirm what will be in the iPad 2.

Our case is silicon and has all the new iPad 2 fixings we’ve heard so far, except the magical top port. The bottom of the case has space for the standard 30-pin dock connector and a larger speaker with a meshed grill. The case also has room for the now standard mute/screen lock switch and volume rocker on the right. We’re thinking, due to the tapering, that the mute/screen lock switch will slide like the iPhone 4′s.

[source link=”http://www.9to5mac.com/53023/we-got-our-ipad-2-case-and-its-crazy-thin-video”]9to5Mac[/source]

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