Wrapsol Screen Protector Review – Simple, Easy, Durable, And Affordable

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After you purchase your smartphone, one of the first things you should do is look at protecting your screen. Let’s be honest, for the next year or two, your phone will go through a pretty rough life. We’re talking scratches, smudges, inside your pockets, outside your pockets, fingernails, too many fingerprints to count, kids, friends, etc. With screen sizes getting larger, it’ll be important to have that extra bit of protection because the more area that’s available, the more susceptible your device will be to those hazards.

The Wrapsol Clear Protective Film Wrap was made just for this purposes. From the start, I knew that my screen protector had to cover the most basic of my necessities: (1) Affordable, meaning no more than $30, (2) Come with a Lifetime Warranty, (3) Had to be Simple & Easy to install, (4) Must be Durable, and (5) No Touch Sensitivity Adjustment, meaning responsiveness and accuracy are not affected at all with the added layer. The protective film from Wrapsol met all of those.

I chose to use my everyday phone for this review, the HTC Droid Incredible.  Why? Well, there are several reviews already for Wrapsol products and the iPhone (most popular smartphone), but only a few for the Droid Incredible. Now first things first, the protective film wrap only costs $14.95. Admittedly, that’s more than what I originally paid for in my “Display Protector”, which costs $12.99 for a pack of three from Verizon Wireless. However, there was no Lifetime Warranty. Perhaps that is the reason why the pack contains three. Wrapsol sends you one, and only one, with a lifetime replacement guarantee. This shows the confidence they have in their product – and confidence is the least they deserve.

In your installation pack, you’re given a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, hand wipes, an instructional booklet, and of course, the protective film. As far as the simple and easy thing go, let’s just say this was a breeze. Honestly, all you have to do is follow the steps. Do not think you can install the film without looking at the instructions first. Why? I tried it and quickly realized that one more unguided step could possibly lead to disaster. All in all, reading the instructions and actual installation takes less than ten minutes.

The Instructions Look Complicated But They Aren't

Just like anything new, we expect the first couple of days or even weeks to be perfect. We expect not to find any problems with whatever it was we purchased. So to eliminate that phenomenon, I’ve tested this screen protector for over two months – in my pockets, out of my pockets, with children, with friends, etc. Any and everything you could think of, the Wrapsol protective film has gone through it. I’m happy to say it held up like a champ. In addition to being durable, the protective film did not have any negative effect on touch responsiveness and accuracy. This is perhaps the greatest gripe with most screen protectors. Yes you can get superior protection. You may even get it at a low price with a lifetime warranty, but be sure it can respond in the same way to your touch as it did without the protector with around a 95% confidence level. Furthermore, the protective film decreased the amount of fingerprints and glare significantly. I almost thought for a while that those were things I would have to get used to. I guess not!

If you can’t tell already, I can’t do anything but recommend this product to everyone. Wrapsol has several products to help protect your device. Also, their products are not limited to the iPhone, the Droid Incredible, or even smartphones. Their products are compatible with iPods, other mp3 players, tablets (the iPad of course), notebooks, netbooks, and gaming consoles from Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox. Again, I’ll add that they are affordable. For more installation instructions and information on this product or any other product, visit www.wrapsol.com.

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