Facebook Or Google: Who Should Acquire Twitter?

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If recent rumors are accurate, Twitter is weighing the idea of new ownership. Apparently, Twitter has been in talks with Facebook and Google about a potential acquisition. So why is this rumor probable? Well, the “Status King” Twitter, actually lost money in spite of the $45 million it made in revenue. This loss is due to the company hiring at a fast rate and their purchases of datacenters.

So could there be more to this rumor? Of course! However, figuring out who Twitter deals with is another thing. Remember, Twitter is valued at or around $10 billion dollars.

So which company should be more aggressive in pursing this acquisition? Simply put, Google. The search giant really wants a big play in the social arena, and having Twitter in its’ arsenal would be huge – huge in competing with Facebook, and huge with advertisers.

However, we have to remember that this is just a rumor. Nothing more, nothing less! What are your thoughts? Do you think Google or Facebook should pursue this venture? Are you concern in anyway how each of the giants might use your information. Hit up the comments and let us know!

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