AT&T 4G Plans & Policies, ATT Rep. Says Keep Your “Unlimited Plan”

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Well look at what competition can do. It seems that lately AT&T has been shedding more light on their services. So check this out! Android Central has gotten hold of a tidbit of information that details AT&T 4G plans. In the memo (above), we find out that data plans for 4G are the same as the 3G plans.

  • $15 For Every 200 MB
  • $25 For 2 GB
  • Overage Charge of $10

Initially this was thought to be for every one, but that’s where the AT&T Representative steps in. Long story short, new users will have to go with the above plan. Existing users with an unlimited plan can keep them if they choose. Here what was quoted from the ATT Rep., Customers who currently have an unlimited plan can upgrade to a 4G device and keep their unlimited plans.” Sounds good to me! What about you?

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