Motorola Xoom Officially Priced Ridiculously At $799, Launching February 24th

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Well Motorola has officially crapped on themselves with the recent price leak of the Motorola Xoom. According to this Best Buy ad, the Motorola Xoom will launch on February 24th for $799.99. I promise that this is not a typo. The ad goes on to detail the data allowances: 1GB for $20, which goes up to a 10GB limit for $80.

Did Motorola get the memo that the Apple iPad 2 is launching soon? Also, all rumors indicate that the iPad 2 will be priced lower than $799.99. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe that’s what we all expected to pay! So tell me what you think of this price! Is it too much? Will this price make you change your mind about a Xoom purchase? Hit up the comments and let us know! Also, check out Motorola’s live site for the Xoom (link below).

Motorola Xoom Interactive Portal

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