iPad 2 & iPhone 5 Accessories, Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPad, And 7 Types Of iPhone Users, All At ZoKnows

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More iPad 2 Details, NFC Accessories … Oh Yeah, The iPhone 5 As Well

It’s no secret how well Apple plans for future releases. Furthermore, their accessories functions better than most. Maybe that NFC expert they hired and all of those patents that Apple obtained around the basis of NFC, will come to fruition in the coming months. Continue Reading Here

Do Not, Absolutely Not, Buy An Apple iPad

For the tablet hopefuls who are in the market there is only one question, Why would you purchase the iPad? Now before you get all offended, you should know that … Not because of the Motorola Xoom or any other Android tablet. Continue Reading Here

Seven Types Of iPhone Users Identidied, What Type Are You?

Apparently, there are at least seven types of iPhone users that exist. This really made me wonder which type I am, along with the people I meet daily. Now it’s your turn! Check out the list and let us know which is you! Or maybe your type is missing? Find Out Here

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