Groupon Unveils Their Super Bowl XLV Ads, Are They Offensive Or Brilliant?

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Groupon Is definitely going to make a splash with their first set of Super Bowl ads, what kind of splash isn’t as clear yet. Groupon unveiled three different ads that seem to make fun of everything from deforestation to the decreasing whale populations. The ads are of course light-hearted, but there is no doubt that they will receive flak from all kinds of groups that you have probably never heard of.groupon logo

The fact that we are even having this conversation means that Groupon has really already gotten it right. Super Bowl ads are well the granddaddy of all commercials, companies get 30 seconds to make millions of dollars worth it.A great Super Bowl commercial can put a company on the map, I mean I know some people that wait all year to see E-trade commercial to see what those little babies will do next. While the world may be a lot smaller thanks to things like Twitter and Facebook, the old adage of “any publicity is good publicity” still applies. Tonight Groupon will be introduced on a world stage to literally millions of people that have never heard of them and if even 10% of those people remember their ads and go to Groupon’s site then it’s a win.

For the rumored $3 million dollars every ad was going for, you better go big or go home. Personally, I think the humor is very evident in the commercials, though I see where they purposely add some edge just to keep folks talking. Anyway, you tell us are Groupon’s Super Bowl ads, offensive or blood brilliant?

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