Call Of Duty: Black Ops Ascension Map Details Confirmed, PS3 Gamers Still Waiting

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops is being invaded by those damn annoying zombies. It seems no matter where you go these days, zombies manage to make it there too. To date, Red Dead Redemption probably gets the nod for the most epic Zombie mode but now Treyarch is trying to change that.


Enter If You Dare

It looks as if it’s time for the dead to rise again, and this time it’s in an abandoned Cold War era Russian cosmodrome (Google it we had to). In the all new Ascension map, we get to experience the tale of four soldiers who get lowered into the facility thinking it’s just another regular mission, trust us its anything but. Before they can even catch their breath Takeo, Nikolai, Dempsey and Richtofen hear a voice call to them “”Help me, she’s coming. The mechanism must be repaired.” If we had just got dropped into a facility long thought abandoned and started to hear voices, let’s just say we wouldn’t go investigate.

So players will start out in a two-story G-Force Testing Facility. You notice a giant centrifuge that spins every now and then, guess the zombies must have caught him slipping while he was taking a couple of G’s. Poor bastard. Anyway, if you don’t want to go out like him then your first priority is to get the power back on, ASAP. But with Zombies lurking around every corner that won’t be an easy task.

Ascension is a huge map comprised of environments both inside and around the launch facility. You can expect to be attacked from every angle by undead cosmonauts and scientist and even those pesky zombie monkeys. This will definitely be one of the more challenging maps to come out, but don’t worry because with new enemies and challenges come new toys.  If you want to survive you’re going to need to learn how to use these to your advantage:

  • Stamin-Up – Drink this for an added spring to your step, letting you sprint for longer periods of time – and do so with heavier weapons, too. Perfect for outpacing angry zombies on your trail.
  • Sickle – Damn zombies laughing off your knife lunges? Pick up the Sickle to cut the laughter short.
  • Matryoshka Dolls – Consider yourself lucky when these pop out of the Mystery Box. And no, it’s not a toy. Toss one out for a mean explosion that spits out more dolls…and thus more explosions.

Alright folks, if you were looking for either a reason to pick up the First Strike DLC or if you are a PS3 gamer and needed any more reason to want it more then there you have it.  Now if only us PS3 gamers could get in on this, Treyarch we want First Strike too dammit.

Update: First Strike release date for PS3 has finally been confirmed as March 3rd. Read about it here.

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