Top Spin 4 Details “King Of The Court” Multiplayer Mode

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The team over at 2K Sports has just hit us up with a brand new developer diary in which they detail a new multiplayer gameplay mode, King Of The Court. King of the Court mode allows 1 to 4 players to compete both online and offline in quick matches that go to a pre-determined amount of points. At the end of each match, the loser leaves the court and a new challenger tries to defeat the winner. Matches are played one after another until either a player has won a certain amount of matches or a certain amount of matches have been played, at which time a King of the Court is declared.


This is what you play for

Now a lot of you are like that is new but we can tell your not impressed, well don’t worry because that’s not all. In addition to the standard King of the Court settings, they wanted to give gamers the ability to tweak game options and give them the power to create their own style of King of the Court. Some of the King of the Court customizable settings include:

  • The players (pros, legends or created players)
  • The duration of each match
  • The game mode’s ending condition
  • The court
  • The number of CPU players involved in the King of the Court (and also their AI level)

The King of the Court game mode is a mode full of fast and furious multiplayer tennis action.  Everyone has the ability to be the King of the Court at least once, but do you have what it takes to stay on top and defeat all challengers? Do you have what it takes to be..King Of The Court?

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