News Corp Bets Big With “The Daily”, First Daily News Publication Built Exclusively For Tablets

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the-daily-logoToday News Corp launched the The Daily, its first-of-its-kind daily national news publication built exclusively as an application for tablet computing. In its first iteration, The Daily has been built from scratch for the iPad. The Daily will be published daily covering everything from breaking news to celebrity gossip. To celebrate its launch, it will be absolutely free for two weeks from the time you download it courtesy of Verizon. After that it will be a measly $.99 a week or $40 a year, that’s not bad at all. Over the coming months, The Daily will be coming to other tablets and while they haven’t said exactly what those will be we are sure the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry Playbook will be on the list. Even though The Daily lives on the iPad, web-friendly versions of most of The Daily’s articles and features can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and email. You know this is a big risk for News Corp and honestly we aren’t sure how this will work out exactly, at least in this form. I do think that Rupert Murdoch has the right idea and more than likely what ultimately takes hold is some hybrid variation of what they are implementing now. There problem is right now, what’s the so what, even at such a reasonable weekly price why would someone pay for The Daily when they can read for free?

“The Daily” Highlights:

  • Original content every single day of the year
  • Original videos
  • 360-degree photos you can explore by swiping
  • Immersive photography
  • Interactive charts, info-graphics and clickable hot spots
  • The option to save articles to read later
  • Web-friendly versions of articles you can share via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail
  • Your favorite sports teams’ scores, news and photos
  • In-app commenting — including audio comments
  • Your local weather
  • Crossword and sudoku puzzles every day

Other important info:

How do I download the latest issue every day?
Just open The Daily app on your iPad when it’s connected to the Internet via WiFi or 3G. The latest issue will start downloading automatically. You can begin reading almost immediately. No need to wait for the whole issue to download; it will continue in the background as you read.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read The Daily ?
Once you’ve downloaded the day’s issue, there is no need to be connected. All the articles, text and photos will be there; you only need a live connection to stream videos that you’ll find throughout the issue, to pull in the live feeds attached to some articles, and to comment and share. The long and short of it is, there’s plenty to read and do in The Daily when you’re on the subway or otherwise out of range. Being connected makes it better.

What about sharing with friends that don’t have iPads?
While The Daily lives on the iPad, web-friendly versions of most of its articles can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter and email. Hit the ‘share’ button at the top right of the app to try it. While the full tablet experience is unavoidably lost in translation, the text, photos and video aren’t — and quite often that’s enough to share articles conversationally with friends and colleagues.

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