NBA 2K11 Gets A Price Drop For 5 Consoles, Best Selling Title In 2K Sports History

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nba2k11finalcover2K Sports announced today that NBA 2K11 which has sold nearly four million units worldwide, has become the fastest-selling title in both the history of the series and publishing label. NBA 2K11 was the best sports game of the year as we said back when we reviewed it and when we gave it our best sports game of the year award. Even though I wasn’t happy with the games first patch, it’s still the best sports game on the market right now and for $40 you might want to pick it up.

NBA 2K11 has received numerous awards, including:

* 4th String: Best Sports Game of the Year, Best Animation,

* CheatCodeCentral: Best Sports Game,

* Electric Playground: Best Sports Game,

* Entertainment Weekly: #9 Best Video Game of 2010,

* Game of the Year,

* G4TV’s X-Play: Best Sports Game, Best Animation, Runner-Up: Game of the Year,

* Game Informer: Best Franchise Mode (Sports), Best New Feature (Sports),

* GameFocus: Best Sports Game (Team Sport),

* GameTrailers: Sports Game of the Year,

* IGN: Best Sports Game,

* Kotaku: Sports Game of the Year, Best Team Sports Game, Game of the Year nominee,

* MTV Clutch Blog: Top 10 Games of 2010,

* Official XBOX Magazine: Sports Game of the Year,

* Pasta Padre: #1 Sports Game of 2010,

* PC Gamer: Best Action Game of the Year,

* PlayStation Universe: Best Sports Game of 2010 (Team),

* Shacknews: Best of 2010 (Sports),

* Spike Video Game Awards: Best Team Sports Game,

* SPIN: #7 Best Video Game of 2010,

* Sports Illustrated: #1 Sports Game of 2010,

* USA Today: Top 10 Games of 2010,

* Yahoo! Games: Best Sports Game,

* ZoKnowsGaming: Best Sports Game of the Year. (yep that’s us, thanks 2K Sports for the shout out)

NBA 2K11 is now priced at $39.99 for the PS3, 360 and Wii. Versions for the PS2, PSP, and PC are now $19.99.

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