Current Verizon Customers Planning To Buy An iPhone, Read This Or You’ll Be Sorry

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For all of us Verizon customers, the iPhone finally coming to the Big Red still doesn’t quite seem real. In all the fuss and commotion though, its very easy to miss a couple of very important things you need to do before you activate your new iPhone. Pay attention to what we are about to tell you and make sure your iPhone 4 transition is a smooth one.


The thing that most people need to understand is that the iPhone leverages tons of services that aren’t controlled by the carrier, they are controlled by Apple. What this means is that there are a lot of current services that you use now that are hosted by Verizon right now, but once you convert over to an iPhone it will all be hosted by Apple and that’s the rub. But enough of the background, here’s what you need to know.

  • In order to activate you new iPhone, you DO need an iTunes account. If you don’t already have one, this is something that you can create and setup right now and it will get you going that much faster. To create an iTunes account, you first need to download and install the iTunes application on your PC or Mac.
  • If you do not have an Apple account, follow the steps below:

    1. Open iTunes on your computer

    2. From the top menu, Choose Store >> Create Account.

    3. Read through the Terms & Conditions, check the box if you agree to the terms, then click Continue.

    4. Complete the form to create your free Apple ID (the login you will use with the Store).

    5. Provide a valid payment method and billing address.

    Now that wasn’t so hard to understand and its something that you will be forced to do and would be very obvious. That’s about where it stops being obvious though and we are here to make sure that some of you don’t do stuff in your rush to get your iPhone up and working that you might regret.

  • First off you need to backup your contacts. A key to this one is that you must perform your contacts backup BEFORE you activate your iPhone or your contacts may be lost. There is a step-by-step instruction guide on how to back up contacts on your existing Verizon Wireless device. If you have lots of contacts, this would suck so slow down and bit and make sure your contacts are safe, you can think us later.
  • Next, when you activate your new iPhone a brand new voice mailbox will be created for you. Your old voice mailbox will be deleted and all your messages erased. Follow this link, here to find out how to “Save A Copy” of all your important voice mail messages and greetings. That was a close one wasn’t it, if you had been one of those unprepared people that didn’t read this article all your important voicemails would have gone the vzwlogoway of the dinosaur with no way to recover them.
  • Ok, so your almost home free, but what about all your media. If your phone has V CAST Media Manager you can use that to backup your pictures, videos, music and documents from your old phone to your computer for use later. To find out how to do this, follow this link. If your phone doesn’t have or can’t support V CAST Media Manager, you WILL need to transfer and backup your content manually

Alright folks that’s it. That is all the gotchas that we could find that could trip up current Verizon customers and give them heartache and put a damper on what should be a happy occasion. Hopefully this helps you, and if you like it please share it with your friends and make sure they don’t get hit with one of these issues because losing your contacts, important voice messages or your media could all be devastating. Remember friends don’t let friends activate their Verizon iPhone unprepared. If you already did one these things and are here looking for ways to get your data back, sorry cause from what we understand it ain’t happening.

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