PlayStation Update 3.60 To Let PlayStation Plus Subscribers Save Their Data To The Cloud?

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zkgpsnlogo 300x216Well that PlayStation Plus thing seems to keep getting better. According to a recent report, Sony has started to inform developers of a new feature that they will be bringing to bear in their next update and that is the ability for PlayStation Plus subscribers to save games in the “cloud”. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the concept, when you save things to the cloud you save them up to up a remote set of resources that you can access from just about anywhere. In this case, PlayStation Plus subscribers would no longer have to save their game saves to the hard drive of the PS3 but could instead save them up to the PlayStation Network Cloud. This has several advantages including saving space on the the player’s hard drive as well as making the data theoretically accessible from multiple consoles anytime the user wants.

This isn’t necessarily a new concept and was rumored as one of those awesome capabilities that PSN would have way back in 2009. Alas, there is another catch.  Sony bundled the announcement with the clause that, because saving games to the cloud “will allow save data with the copy prohibited attribute to be copied into the online storage”, developers are able to opt out and bar their games from using it should there be a concern. In the end though I don’t  see this being a show stopper for many developers. Sony is planning to call this feature “Online Saving”, which is kind of boring but I guess it gets the point across. It will apparently be a part of the PS3’s next firmware update, apparently 3.60. At this point, Sony hasn’t confirmed anything and Kotaku didn’t really say who their sources were, but its Kotaku so we will take their word. More as this develops.

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