Apple iPad & Maybe The iPad 2, Attacked By Microsoft & RIM

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Here something you may see every day, Competitors taken shots at something Apple makes. So who do we have now? Or shall we say, again? None other than Microsoft and Research In Motion.

Microsoft has started a marketing campaign aimed at highlighting the iPad’s Enterprise shortcomings. Check out the ten page slide presentation link below. In this presentation, RIM highlights what you told them about the iPad. Check to make sure it’s right, BTW! Not to be outdone, RIM has aimed its’ efforts at battery life. Jeff McDowell stated that the BlackBerry PlayBook will offer “equal or greater” battery life while using a battery that is smaller than that which is in the Apple iPad.

Maybe they are right, maybe they’re wrong! Either way, I can’t see this strategy working to dethrone the current tablet leader! The iPad’s battery life is not bad, and I don’t think its’ target was/is enterprise customers, though it’s being adopted well. What do you think? Is this the best strategy for Microsoft and RIM? Also, could this be an intended blow meant to turn consumers away from the next generation iPad, the Apple iPad 2? Hit up the comments and let us know!

Microsoft’s Ten Page Slide iPad Battle Plan

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