Crysis 2 Multiplayer Trailer Shows Off Cloaked Kills, Vertical Gameplay, And Parkour

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Yesterday, it was announced that the Crysis 2 Multiplayer demo would only be coming to the Xbox 360 for now. As if crysis2ps3boxartstd1that wasn’t enough to rub in PS3 gamers faces, they decided to release this awesome freaking trailer that demonstrates some of what players can expect from the demo.

In case you guys need a little refreshing on Crysis’s 2 mutiplayer modes we got you covered.  In Crash Site 2 opposing teams compete for control of Ceph Drop Pods launched periodically into the map by dropships patrolling overhead. Teams score points by guarding the pods and keeping enemies at bay. In Team Instant Action 2 teams are matched against each other. Kill as many opponents as possible, whilst attempting to minimize your own deaths. Use the Nanosuit to sneak up on enemies in Stealth mode, or charge in and gun them down in Armor.

The Multiplayer mode will feature:

  • 6 Game Modes
  • 12 NYC Locations
  • 4 Default Classes+5 Custom Classes
  • 50 Multiplayer Ranks
  • 20+ Nanosuit Modules
  • 200+ Dog Tags
  • 200 Skill Assesssments

Alright, so now that you know the game modes, check the trailer.

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