Apple Posts Record Quarter: $ 26.7 Billion In Revenue, $6 Billion Profit, 16.2 Million iPhones & 7.3 Million iPads Sold

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While not surprising to many of us, a lot of us doubted how good Apple really could be with the pressure from Android. Let’s just say, RECORDS WERE BROKEN. Apple has released their earnings, sales, and financial results for the 1st quarter. We’ll keep it brief, and let you know how well the company performed:

  • $26.7 Billion In Revenue
  • $6 Billion In Profits
  • 16.2 Million iPhone Sales
  • 7.3 Million iPad Sales
  • 4.1 Million Mac Sales
  • 19.45 Million iPod Sales

For more information, check out Apple’s complete report at the link below!

Apple’s Q1 Results Press Release

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