Verizon iPhone Versus The “Droid” Brand: The Battle For Big Red

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Anyone who thinks that the “Droid” brand at Verizon Wireless won’t be affected by the release of the Verizon iPhone is probably on the R2-D2 planet. Initially, we’ll see a drop in Droid purchases, but this should level out once the initial shock and amazement of the iPhone subsides. The bigger question, however, is who wins the battle for Big Red?

The recent success of Android can be traced back to Verizon Wireless breathtaking and endless advertising efforts with the Motorola Droid. You remember it, “DROID DOES”. Heck, many consumers still think that “DROID” is the OS rather than Android. Verizon pitted the “DROID’s” in direct comparison and competition with the Apple iPhone.

So how does Verizon Wireless play this scenario out? Two more devices that’ll probably end up being categorized as DROID’s were announced this past week at CES – the HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola Droid Bionic (unsure about the Samsung 4G LTE device, it has yet to be named). Will Verizon favor one over the other? Or will they sit back and let the two dual own their own? Clearly, Verizon will have to run ads for both, but who wins Big Red in the end? Hit up the poll and comments to let us know!

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