Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details Start To Fall Out, We Examine What We Know So Far

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We first heard about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim way back at the VGA’s but all we got was a very short teaser trailer, that’s all changed now as Game  Informer gives us tons of game details in their latest issue.

In the February  issue of Game Informer, they get a first look at what players can expect along with tons of tantalizing details, read all about it after the jump.


  • Leveling will run on a 1-50 scale, but it won’t simply stop at 50. Once you reach level 50 you will gain
    experience at a slower pace, so leveling will be brought to a crawl.

    • Official words from Bethesda on this one is that when you think about leveling in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, think more Fallout 3, not Oblivion. It seems folks are divided on this one.
  • When you level you will gain health as well as the ability to choose to increase another trait: stamina, health, or magic.
    • This should make for much more balanced gameplay, no problem with this one.
  • Unlike previous games, you won’t choose a class at the beginning of the game. Instead there will be perks to unlock, similar to Fallout 3.
    • Again, I don’t have a huge problem with this one. At this point, I have seen games where choosing or not choosing works. This way does create a more organic kind of gameplay though.
  • Level-scaling has returned, meaning depending on how you play, the game will tailor the difficulty and your experience. Ex. If you enter a town, and are given a task of locating a missing person, the game will attempt to determine where you have already been and then place that person some place you haven’t been yet. It will also make sure that the enemies you encounter are worthy but not overpowering compared to where you skills are at that point.
    • We think this is an excellent move, it makes the game challenging but not stupid hard like Demon’s Soul or something like that (we still thought Demon’s Souls was a great game by the way).
  • There will be 18 skills to learn, which is a reduction from what we saw in Oblivion.
    • No complaints here, sometimes less is more.
  • What you do matters, if you kill a shopkeeper for instance his family will inherit the place and they will be angry with you for what you did, but they may still continue to give you missions
    • There are consequences to everything you do in real life, why not in video games?
  • The game takes place in the Nord region of Skyrim, 200 years after Oblivion.
  • You are one of the dragonborn and based on prophecy it will be up to you to defeat the Dragon God and prevent the return of the dragons.
  • The world is made up of five major cities consisting of dungeons, cave and underground areas, as well as a host of other areas.
  • Unlike previous games, conversations will no longer zoom in on players faces. The developers decided that NPC’s should behave more like a person would in real life. NPC’s will move around, and perform tasks while talking to you, while only occasionally looking at you.
  • Combat is more dynamic, with rumors that you will be able to assign a function to each hand (weapon or magic)
  • Each weapon will be unique and will behave as such. Each weapon will feel differently with heavier weapons taking longer to swing, etc. Improving the combat was a major focus this time around.
  • As always there will be tons of different enemies including: zombies, skeletons, trolls, giants, ice wraiths, giant spiders, dragons, wolves, horses, mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and other creatures.
  • Questing is also more dynamic as certain quests won’t become available if you play a certain way. If there is a quest that involves lots of fighting ability but you have put a lot towards magic then you might not be approached for that quest since your skills don’t match up well.
    • We thinks this makes since, I mean you wouldn’t hire a hand to hand combat specialist when you really need a sniper right.
  • Even the things you drop or don’t pick up will have an affect on the environment. Let’s say you dropped a knife, a kid might pick it up and return it to you or a group of guys might start fighting to see who get’s it.
  • The engine has received an update with snow now falling more realistically, branche swaying in the wind, and the water flowing naturally.
  • You can now sprint.
    • Sometimes you need to run.
  • The in-game HUD has can be removed to allow for a more open screen.
  • Dragons may attack cities at random times.

Well that’s it folks, so what do you think, is this going to be epic or what? Is there anything up there that you didn’t see that you wanted to see?

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