ZKG Looks Ahead To 2011: LittleBigPlanet 2

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When LittleBigPlanet first emerged in late 2008 it was hailed ultra innovative with its unique design and simple platforming garnering a huge amount of praise from reviewers at the time with the bulk of the praise focused on the community and user content creation that the game offered.  One could argue that those things are why the original LittleBigPlanet is still popular nearly 2 years after its release.


The new gameplay types will hopefully make LBP 2 even better than LBP

Through new gameplay elements that players will not be restricted to platforming levels like they were in the previous game and players can now create an array of levels including racing, puzzle and role-playing games. This can only improve the community and user made content as the players’ imagination can truly be released and that is sure to make for some very interesting results. The new customization features don’t end there though as players can choose to create and customise their own HUD to accommodate their game type.

The new animation recording options will allow players to create full-motion cut-scenes to go with their level design, manipulate the camera for both cut-scenes and gameplay, and record their own sound effects for use in the level.  Just as in the original, in Little Big Planet 2 user generated content is going to be key and with the majority of the three million plus levels that were created for the original LittleBigPlanet being playable in LBP2, well the sky really is the limit this time around.


LBP 2 will carry over most of the 3 million plus user made levels from the original LBP

Another new tool to assist in gameplay creation is the “controllinator” which allows players to assign specific actions, such as button presses or Sixaxis motion control, to specific aspects of their gameplay design. In addition to this tool, the game will feature several other tools including a grappling hook, the “Creatinator” – a hat which is worn by Sackboy and can be configured by the Creator to fire any object – and the “Grabinators” which allow Sackboy to pick-up and throw grabable objects. Enemy creation has also been improved and players can now create “Sackbots”, which are non-player characters whose AI can be controlled by the level creator.

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